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Choose GREEN with WaterColors!

In WaterColors, there are

NO DISPOSABLE PLASTIC STRAWS for your cocktail drink, instead you will have reusable stainless steel straws.

NO DISPOSABLE, ONE TIME USE AMENITIES SUCH AS TOOTHBRUSH, TOOTHPASTE, SHOWER CAP, SLIPPERS, SEWING KIT, SHAVING RAZOR, COMB in your bathroom amenities, instead, we provide the very basic (shampoo, conditioner, soap in bulk dispenser, not in tiny disposable bottles). The rest of the amenities you may need will be provided upon request, but we will provide the most reusable alternative.

NO COMPLIMENTARY DISPOSABLE WATER BOTTLE in your room, instead we provide refillable glass bottles with filtered water.

NO COFFEE AND TEA MAKING FACILITY in your room, instead, you will have complimentary coffee and tea served in your room (room service only).

Find out why:

Choose GREEN at WaterColors!

At WaterColors, we realize the potential impact of the hospitality industry on the environment - especially on a small island like Boracay. We urge our guests and divers to join us to Choose Green with WaterColors by embracing the following 21 initiatives in 5 critical areas:

A.    Choose the paperless alternative! No to Disposables, Go Reusable! We use:
1.   Electronic procedures for guest check-in/communications and diving documentation for registration and courses as much as possible
2.   Use of in-room iPads for communication with guests instead of paper communication.
3.   Use of tablet and apps for food and beverage outlet menu instead of paper menu.
4.   Cloth napkins instead of paper napkins in our food and beverage outlet
5.   Textile hand towels in our guest washroom are instead of paper napkins or paper towels

B.     Use energy sustainably!
6.    We usse solar energy, from panels on our roof, to provide hot water in the resort, and
7.    We use motion-activated, energy efficient LED lightbulbs where possible.
8.    The resort is designed for maximum natural air flow and provides natural light access to rooms and common guest-use areas
9.    We provide a ceiling fan alternative for air cooling, and encourage guests to turn off or use the timing function their air-conditioning units when not inside the room
10.  We are encouraging divers to share boat trips by offering better prices for duo, trio, quad and group paks thereby  helping control of carbon emission from dive boat operations.
11. We encourage guests and staff to save energy by turning off lights and air conditioners when leaving the room.

C.     No to plastics and toxic garbage! No to Disposables, Go Reusable! We:
12.  Discourage sale of drinking water in disposable plastic bottles by providing free filtered drinking water in guest rooms and our food and beverage outlet
13.  Use reusable drinking straw made from stainless steel, instead of one-time use, disposable paper or plastic straws
14.  Provide shampoo, soap, and conditioner in bulk dispensers, instead of in small disposable containers.
15. Try to control the use of single-use plastic and other disposable items in our rooms, by providing a limited range of hygiene items and toiletries (other amenities, such as toothbrushes (good quality),  toothpaste (big tube), shower cap (not disposable), slippers (not disposable) are available upon request, and guests are encouraged to take them with them for further use).
16.  Don’t provide one-time use, disposable plastic cups/spoons/forks or Styrofoam containers for take-away. Instead, paper cups, bamboo chopsticks and cardboard containers (for walk-in dining customers) and reusable plastic picnic utensils (on loan) to our in-house guests
17.  Don't provide coffee machines that use coffee capsules nor provide sachets packs of instant coffee in guest rooms, instead we serve complimentary coffee and tea in your room (free for room service only not free in F&B outlet).
18.  Use rechargeable batteries for all remote control  (TV, aircon, fan).

D.    Minimize water use!
19.  We encourage guests to reuse bath and room linens
20.  Our common-use bathroom sink taps are motion-activated

E.     Educate the community!
21.  We provide a forum for education, information and exchange of ideas within the diving, hospitality and tourism industries in Boracay through guest/tourist information, diver education, beach clean-ups, film screenings and talks.


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