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Get a Life! Go PRO. Teach Scuba Diving

Become a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor and take your career anywhere. When was the last time you said, "I love my job! "? Go PRO and you'll be saying it all the time.

Ditch the nine to five office job. Live your dream by transforming the lives of others while teaching scuba diving lessons.

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Go PRO™ with PADI

As a PADI Professional, you'll be part of the largest, most widely recognized scuba training organization in the world.

Love Your Job, Your Lifestyle and Your Freedom

Get a life worth living: become a PADI Professional. You’ll do things others only dream of. Whether you work in a local dive shop, at a dive resort or on a liveaboard dive boat, the adventure of a lifetime is yours for the taking.
Imagine a job where you actually look forward to work in the morning. Sailing into incredible sunsets could be the rule, not the exception, especially if you work in a tropical dive destination. The commute to work could be as easy as a ten-minute boat ride and work becomes an adventure in itself.

Or, set your sights closer to home and aspire to work at your local PADI Dive Shop where you'll teach people scuba diving and guide scuba diving trips to exotic dive destinations. You’ll experience the pride of sharing your passion while helping others enrich their lives through the adventure of diving. It’s about transformation—both in yourself and those around you. As a PADI Professional, you have the ability to affect change -- to help student divers turn anticipation into passion, fear into courage, faint-heartedness into accomplishment and timidy into confidence. You’ll open their eyes to the world underwater, introduce them to vibrant coral reefs and watch them breathe underwater for the first time.

Become a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor

If you're a PADI Divemaster and at least 18 years old, you can you can become a PADI Instructor with 100 logged dives.

As a PADI Professional, you’ll be one of the most sought after dive professionals on the planet. And, with more than 5300 PADI Dive Centers and Resorts worldwide, the world is your office – and your playground.

Your Path to Becoming a PADI Pro

The PADI System of diver education allows you to progress at your own pace and encourages you to take continuing education programs that enhance your enjoyment and safety. In addition to the prerequisites listed below, you can enjoy more than 40 specialty courses along the way, from Coral Reef Conservation to Digital Underwater Photography.

However, you must have the following scuba certifications before you can enter the PADI Divemaster course (which is your first step towards becoming a PADI Instructor.

PADI Diver Courses

You can continue in the path to becoming a PADI dive professional with the following:

PADI Professional Courses

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