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The easiest and fastest way from Manila and Cebu is by air either to Kalibo or Caticlan. Another way is via ship from Manila, which will dock, depending on the weather, either a few minutes away from Caticlan or a little further away. And for people with more time and an adventurous streak there is the overland route from Cebu over Negros to Iloilo and from there to Caticlan.

There is no airport on Boracay island. To get there, one can choose out of two airports, located on nearby Panay Island. In both cases there is a 20 minutes boatride from Caticlan pier to Boracay island. Be ready to wade knee deep through the water after getting off to the boat on Boracay.

Caticlan airport: are used by airplanes up to 48 seaters (Seair and Asian Spirit), due to its short runway. Only a 10 minutes land ride to Caticlan Jetty Port follows. Various morning and afternoon flights are now available to choose from.

Kalibo airport: used by jumbo jets up to 150 seaters (Air Philippines, Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines). To reach Caticlan Jetty port an additional 1.5 - 2 hours ride is needed.

Or taking a 12 hours MBRS Lines ferry ride leaving Manila to Caticlan.

WGA Superferry is an alternative, however sails only to Dumaguit, which is again two hours further than Kalibo airport.

From Iloilo to Caticlan
Ceres Bus has regular bus schedules, some of them air conditioned, from Iloilo to Kalibo and three times daily directly to Caticlan. GM Liner is another bus company plying the route Iloilo - Caticlan with air-conditioned buses twice daily in both directions. Alternatives are the mini-vans from Iloilo to Kalibo and another mini-van from there to Caticlan. Another alternative is to rent a taxi from Iloilo directly to Caticlan. The trip Iloilo to Caticlan takes between 4 to 7 hours.

From Kalibo to Caticlan
Southwest Tours, Star Express and 7107 Island Tours ply the route from Kalibo Airport to Caticlan with air-conditioned buses or coasters. Included in the price is also the boat transfer from Caticlan to one of Boracay's boat stations. Other means of reaching Caticlan are mini-vans, which are a little cheaper, but don't provide boat service to Boracay. The trip takes one to 1.5 hours. Ship Manila to Caticlan MBRS Shipping Lines have two boats plying the route from Manila to Caticlan. The ships leave Manila's North Harbor, Pier 8, every Friday, Monday and Wednesday at 5 PM. Arrival time in Caticlan is the next day between 6 and 8 AM. Other shipping companies service the route Manila to Dumaguit, half an hour east from Kalibo. The companies are WG&A and Negros Navigation.

By Car from Luzon
Caticlan, the entry point for Boracay, can be reached also by private cars or air-conditioned buses, via the 'strong republic nautical highway', stretching from Batangas, Luzon, to Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao. A RoRo (Roll On - Roll Off) vessel leaves Batangas daily at 8.30 AM to Calapan, Mindoro. From there drive your own car or board a mini-van or air-conditioned bus to Roxas, Mindoro, where another RoRo vessel leaves at 2 PM for Caticlan, where the boat arrives at 6 PM. Private cars can be parked at one of the many shady and secured parking lots for a fee. No cars are allowed on Boracay Island. The same RoRo vessel leaves Caticlan daily at 9 AM. Contact number: Montenegro Shipping Lines, Inc., Main office Batangas City, Tel.: 043 723 7975 / 723 7598 and 723 2964.

By Plane

Via Caticlan

Via Kalibo

By Ferry

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